Episode 306. Last Lessons & Goodbyes

Anthony and Adam read and discuss the opening hymn of the Gospel of John, weaving its insights into their goodbyes and future leave-taking.

Scene 306-01. Adam and Anthony reconcile. Anthony returns, apologizes and they reconcile. Taken from file dated 03 Feb 2005.

Note Fri, 21 May 2004 (10:52).

This underscores the point that Tony is not perfected, not entirely transfigured spirit. He is still clinging. He can still react without complete wisdom, even though he understands his feelings. He refers to himself as being human.

Scene 306-02. Adam tells Anthony about his scandal. Adam tells Anthony about the scandal that he had left behind. Anthony queries him and feels that Adam did nothing wrong. But Anthony can understand Adam’s need to go back and make things right. Maybe I’ll come back. If you’ll have me. Anthony asks if Adam loves the boy, and Adam says that he does, in a way. But I love you too. In a way. And what way is that? Anthony asks. I guess, maybe, I just simply love you. Period. Adam says. Taken from file dated 03 Feb 2005.

Scene 306-03: Adam’s final confession.

Scene 306-04: Adam’s baptism.

Scene 306-05: A lesson from the Gospel of John.

Scene 306-06: A new model of love. Anthony teaches Adam about love. Anthony gives Adam a new model of how love really works, using the shared energy idea instead of the conventional idea that love is finite, a thing to be given away and used up. Perhaps this might be a place to study the Gospel of John. Taken from file dated 03 Feb 2005.

Scene 306-07: Anthony blesses Adam to return. During dinner, Anthony gives Adam a blessing to return, teaching him several last lessons and making sure Adam knows what he is doing with respect to how he sees himself now vis-à-vis his priesthood and his responsibilities to Stephan. Then they climb into bed with each other and make love for the last time. Taken from file dated 03 Feb 2005.

Anthony and Adam say goodbye. Anthony says… we’ll see each other again. 1/29/2009 1:24 PM. I wonder how this fits into the ghost “research” I was doing in Cape May! 1/29/2009 1:24 PM.

Scene 306-08: A lesson from Secret Mark.

Scene 306-09: Adam’s initiation. Adam’s Last Night with Anthony. Added Wed, 06 Jun 2001. Anthony convinces Adam to stay for the night. They climb in bed together and make love for one last time.

Scene 306-10: Adam’s erotic dream. After Anthony falls asleep, Adam has visions of people coming to join him, blessing him, and giving him strength. He passes out, into bliss. Taken from file dated 03 Feb 2005.

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