Book 2. Adam’s Stumble

Clive Owen

Clive Owen as Adam Davidson

In Book 2. Adam’s Stumble, Adam’s attempts to save his protégé fail miserably, and he finds that he, himself, is the one who needs some guidance in reconciling his growing loneliness with his commitment to serving God as a priest. When Adam’s protégé attempts to save Adam from himself, a disastrous situation is created which drives Adam to attempt suicide in order to atone for his shame.

Episode 201. Adam’s Recruitment. Phil Stewart, Assistant Pastor at 1st Pres, makes an unexpected visit to Adam to ask him to intervene and stop Stephan’s hastily scheduled wedding to Ashley which Adam knew nothing about.

Episode 202. Adam to the Rescue. Adam visits the Newton residence in a misguided attempt to talk Stephan out of going through with the wedding. Adam is stopped by Newton, however, who tells Adam to get out of Stephan’s life once and for all and let Stephan grow up and assume his responsibilities as a man. Terrence, Adam’s bishop, advises him the Newton has been trying to dig up any allegations of sexual misconduct on Adam’s part, and advises Adam to keep a safe distance from the entire Newton family.

Episode 203. The Wedding Banquet. Adam attends Stephan’s wedding where he is offered opportunities of the flesh and the spirit he didn’t know he wanted. Stephan professes his love, Phil tires to befriend him and Todd, Stephan’s old fuck buddy, attempts a seduction—all of which Adam rebuffs. But then a figure from Adam’s past suggests that he is going to receive an invitation to love that he won’t be able to refuse.

Episode 204. Adam seeks a mate. Humbled by his realization both of his own desires and the choices he has made to keep everyone at a distance, Adam attempts to reach out in love, but finds it frightening, difficult, and embarrassing. Finally, he comes to an agreement with God that he will accept whatever love he is given, but he will need God’s help and guidance to find, recognize and accept the love that is right for him.

Episode 205. Stephan’s Offering. Stephan unwittingly causes Adam’s downfall when his attempt to seduce Adam is witnessed by both Stephan’s jealous ex-fuck-buddy, Todd, and Stephan’s irate father, Dr. Newton. When Newton returns with his rifle, catching his son and Adam naked together, he beats his son mercilessly and threatens Adam with death or worse if Adam doesn’t leave Eden immediately and forever.

Episode 206. Adam’s Sacrifice. Adam attempts to apologize to God, to Newton, and to Stephan, but all of his attempts at penance meet rejection. Adam decides that the only way to atone for his sins is to take his own life by drugging himself and then drowning. His suicide is interrupted by a lightning bolt that blasts him into a liminal state between death and life, between the future and the past.

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