Episode 206. Adam’s Sacrifice

Adam attempts to apologize to God, to Newton, and to Stephan, but all of his attempts at penance meet rejection. Adam decides that the only way to atone for his sins is to take his own life by drugging himself and then drowning. His suicide is interrupted by a lightning bolt that blasts him into a liminal state between death and life, between the future and the past.

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Scene 206-01: Adam realizes his dilemma.

Scene 206-02: Adam begs God’s forgiveness. Panicked and ashamed, Adam prostrates himself before the altar in the sanctuary, begging forgiveness and asking why God hasn’t taken away his homoerotic desires as Adam has begged for so many years. When God seems not to answer, Adam decides that he must go to Newton and ask his forgiveness – and that of Stephan – before expecting absolution from God.

Scene 206-03: Adam begs Newton’s forgiveness – and almost dies. When Adam arrives at the door of the Newton residence, Theresa attempts to shoo him away for his own safety, but Adam persists until Newton charges out of the house, beats him badly and scares him away by firing shots at Adam from his rifle. Adam pulls himself off the ground, clambers into the Volvo, and drives away, defeated.

Scene 206-04: Adam decides to die. At the rectory, Adam goes to address God again, and hears nothing but silence. He then decides that he should have let Newton kill him and then he determines to die. Adam packs his backpack with wine and sleeping pills and – abandoning Betty’s Volvo – begins his hike up to Lake Hermitage.

Scene 206-05: Adam offers his life to atone for his shame. Adam listens for one, last command from God, and – hearing nothing – takes the pills, drinks the wine and settles in to die. On a whim he strips off his clothing and wades into the water and begins to swim. As Adam reaches the middle of the lake, a thunderbolt hits the water, sending him into a state whether he doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead, rising or sinking, in pain or in ecstasy. Adam thanks God for his mercy and hears the “Nunc Dimittis” as he passes out.

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