Episode 103. Stephan’s Seduction

Stephan relates to Adam a slightly sanitized version—but recalls in full detail—how Father Clifford, an Anglican cleric Stephan tried to seduce, introduced Stephan to the austere, homoerotic beauty of the monastic life during an impromptu tour of the monastery where Clifford is on retreat.

Scene 103-00a: A Splash Page for Stephan’s Seduction. Perhaps this is an image of a shirtless STEPHAN facing a shirtless CLIFFORD in the Bird SANCTUARY with Clifford examining Stephan’s Benedictine CROSS.

Scene 103-00b. A recap of Episode 102. Stephan’s Return. In the previous episode, STEPHAN, Adam’s former protégé surprises Adam in his study with the news that he had dropped out of school to become a monk, is breaking off his engagement to ASHLEY, and also that he is gay. Intrigued, shocked, and a little amused (this is Stephan after all) Adam has offered Stephan a seat so he can tell Adam the whole story.

Scene 103-01. Stephan meets Clifford. While giving ADAM the highly sanitized version of his calling to monastic life, STEPHAN recalls the more explicitly erotic circumstances of meeting Fr. CLIFFORD in the cruisy Bird SANCTUARY by the river and convincing CLIFFORD to continue their conversation at the nearby MONASTERY where CLIFFORD is on retreat. Read more.

Scene 103-02. Stephan’s monastery tour. Seeing Stephan’s awe at the interior of the MONASTERY, CLIFFORD arranges for BENEDICT to give them a private tour (with CLEMENT, B’s would be boy-toy in tow). He finds it so blissfully quiet, yet decorated in an ornate Gothic style with homoerotic depictions of saints everywhere. Read more.

Scene 103-03. An invitation to Eucharist. BENEDICT ends the tour at the portal to the guesthouse. BENEDICT says that he has to go because Eucharist is about a half-hour off. CLIFFORD turns to STEPHAN and starts to say his goodbyes, when BENEDICT invites STEPHAN to Eucharist. But, perhaps, we should find you some clothes… BENEDICT suggests that CLIFFORD might have something that fits, then leaves, dragging away a disappointed CLEMENT. Read more.

Scene 103-04. A moment alone. While entering CLIFFORD’s room, STEPHAN begins to strip and pounces on CLIFFORD. CLIFFORD tries to slow down the proceedings, but STEPHAN persists until the bell rings for Eucharist. Read more.

Scene 103-05. Stephan’s first communion. During the Eucharist, STEPHAN is overpowered by the austere beauty of the Eucharist, interspersed with scenes of his seduction of GIOVANNI, a young Franciscan in ASSISI.

Scene 103-06. Adam touches base. Adam asks if STEPHAN had ever returned to the monastery, and STEPHAN informs ADAM that he never left. 6/24/14 13.52 Read more.

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