Episode 301. Adam’s Revival

Adam awakens, physically paralyzed and mute, in the gentle care of a strange older man who restores the functioning of Adam’s body through chanting, prayer, and body work, herbs and loving attention.

Scene 301-00. A Recap of Book 2. A brief, illustrated description of the main events of Book 2.

Scene 301-01. Adam opens his eyes. Adam comes to consciousness, completely unaware of where he is, and confused by the unfamiliar sound of a man’s low, grumbling chant. Adam tries to move and finds he cannot; he tries to open his eyes and finds that, slowly – by effort of will, more than strength – he can.

Scene 301-02. Adam meets Anthony. When Anthony notices Adam’s eyes are open he performs a naked dance of jubilation before realizing that Adam cannot otherwise move. Anthony tells Adam that it won’t be long before they restore Adam to full functioning.

Scene 301-03. Anthony works Adam’s body. Adam describes the methodical procedure by which Anthony restores function to his head, neck shoulders and arms – while at the same time becoming very aware of the beautiful complexity of his own body and how it works.

Scene 301-04. Anthony and Adam share supper. Anthony finally calls it quits as evening falls, examines Adam’s throat once more, and makes them some supper while Adam watches him as best he can. After supper, Anthony chants evening prayer which sounds strangely familiar to Adam even though he doesn’t know why it should.

Scene 301-05. Adam gives thanks. After supper, Anthony props Adam up “so he can visit” and chants evening prayer. As Adam wonders why the words and chant sound familiar Adam drifts off to sleep, thanking God for the gift of being alive, the gift of his body – and the gift of his strange, tireless host.

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