An Overview in Four Books

Clive Owen

Clive Owen

Adam’s Fall tells the story of ADAM Davidson, a quietly gay, Episcopal priest whose fall from grace prompts his awakening to a cosmos of love, joy, power and freedom beyond his wildest dreams.

Adam’s Fall will be told in four books:

In Book 1: Adam’s Temptation, Adam Davidson’s lonely but comfortable life as a quietly gay, celibate, Episcopal priest is challenged when Stephan, a young man he helped guide through a stormy and abusive adolescence, reawakens a vision that Adam had even forgotten he once had: to live in intimate community with other Christian men dedicated to healing the world as part of their loving service to God. Read more.

In Book 2. Adam’s Stumble, Adam’s attempts to save his protégé fail miserably, and he finds that he, himself, is the one who needs some guidance in reconciling his growing loneliness with his commitment to serving God as a priest. When Adam’s protégé attempts to save Adam from himself, a disastrous situation is created which drives Adam to attempt suicide in order to atone for his shame. Read more.

In Book 3. Adam’s Reformation, Adam finds himself mute, paralyzed, and with no recollection of who he is in the care of a strange, older man who restores him to full function and awareness. As Adam reawakens to his body and his life, he is instructed in new ways to perceive the life of the spirit and his role as part of God’s creation. Just as Adam comes to appreciate and understand who he is in the universe—and how to love—he finds he must return to the real world to address situations he has left behind. Read more.

In Book 4. Adam’s Redemption, Adam finds himself suddenly back in the real world, where he finds that he is now in a unique position to gather a healing community to do the work of God—and experience the joys of love—in a way he could not have imagined before. Read more.

Additional Narrative Information is contained in the following:

Book X. Backstory. Read more.

Book Y. Outtakes. Read more.

Book Z. Unsorted Materials. Read more.

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