The Characters

Meet the characters and personas in Adam’s Fall.

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Main Characters

Clive Owen as ADAM

, 35, is a quietly gay, celibate Episcopal Priest serving the gentrifying parish of All Saints’ in the pretentious, conservative Village of Eden. More about ADAM.

Stephan as HunterParrish portrait
Michael STEPHAN Newton, III
, 21, ADAM’s former protégé, is the antagonist of Adam’s Fall. He wants to open Adam up to a fuller life and grander possibilities than Adam can imagine. More about STEPHAN.

Aaron Eckhart as fantasy casting for Newton

Michael Stephan NEWTON, II
() is Stephan’s controlling father, a psychiatrist who has a hatred of religion and spiritual devotion of any kind, especially in its more slippery, mystical manifestations. More about NEWTON.

“Pastor PHIL” Stewart (32) is the wildly popular – and handsome – assistant pastor and youth minister at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Eden who always promises to get together with Adam but never seems to find the time. More about PHIL.

Fr. ANTHONY Riveaulx (65) is a former priest, living as a desert-father type far outside the fringes of civilization. (2008.10.01). More about ANTHONY.

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Supporting & Incidental Characters

ASHLEY. Ashley Pritchett is the bright, spoiled, long-suffering fiancée of Stephan Newton and former town slut. She doesn’t expect that marriage to Stephan will fulfill all her dreams, but she figures it will make life a lot more bearable than the endless boredom she now has to endure living with her parents. Written Thu, 03 Jun 2004. Thinking that a good fantasy casting for Ashley would be Dorian’s cousin in the movie “Trinity”.

BENEDICT. Father Benedict is the housemaster at the MONASTERY of the SOCIETY of John the Beloved and a good friend of Jack CLIFFORD, the man who initiates STEPHAN into monastic life.

BILLY. Billy Gilliam is the boy in ADAM’s childhood who got him to wrestle in the stream at the Sunday School picnic where he almost discovered his sexuality – before ADAM’s father, DAVIDSON, interrupted. He finds them naked together, and both have raging hard-ons. I see a funny scene where we see the boys standing in the water, concealing everything that needs to be concealed, DAVIDSON hollering (uncharacteristically) “what do you think you’re doing?” and they both look down and see themselves pointing at each other. This is when Adam gets dragged home by his father who never says a word about it.

Notes Thu, 15 July 2010 (10:57p) This is a foreshadowing of Adam and Eve being discovered in the Garden by God. The boys are fully hard, but their delight was innocent, until they get thrown out of the garden by the anti-type of God represented by DAVIDSON.


Greg Rutherfor.d as fantasy casting for Caleb.

. Caleb Randall is Adam’s deep crush in SEMINARY who urges Adam to acknowledge that the erotic component of their love is as important – and holy – avenue to pursue as the other aspects of their love. I could say this better! Noted 2008-02-01 Fri 18:44. More about CALEB.

CALVIN. Calvin Johnson, NAOMI’s brother and an incidental character in Adam’s Fall, is PAUL Stewart’s brother-in-law and former seminary roommate. It is Calvin who introduced Pete to his wife Naomi, and hopes that he has done the right thing by bringing the two most important people in his life together. Although he knows very well that Pete is a closeted homosexual, he loves him platonically like a brother and honors Naomi’s desire to marry him. More about CALVIN.

CLEMENT. Brother Clement is Father Benedict’s would-be boy toy and fierce protector.

CLIFFORD. The Rev. Fr. Jack Clifford (51) is a Church of England cleric on retreat at the MONASTERY of the SOCIETY of St. John the Beloved. His mini-romance with Stephan introduces the boy to the joys of monastic life as Stephan initiates Clifford into the joys of liberated homoeros. More about CLIFFORD.

CRUISY GUYS. The CRUISY GUYS are men STEPHAN encounters while running in the BIRD SANCTUARY where he meets CLIFFORD. More about the CRUISY GUYS.

DAVIDSON. Adam Davidson, Sr. is Adam’s strict, lovingly distant father who appears in flashback in the narrative. Adam Davidson, Sr., Adam’s father, is a tall, dark-haired clean cut man. He resembles Newton and carries some of the same energy, but Adam’s father is deep-down kinder and never had a beard.

EATON. The Reverend Theodore “Rev. Ted” Eaton is a minor character in Adam’s Fall. His bad-boy, town-slut son, TODD, has a more expanded role. Rev. Todd Eaton, Sr., is the older-father, pastor of First Presbyterian where the Pritchett family attends and PHIL Stewart is Assistant Pastor. More about EATON.

GIOVANNI. Giovanni is a young, Franciscan novitiate with whom Stephan has a homoerotic liaison while on vacation in Italy.

LANCE. Lance Jacobs is Adam’s college buddy, on whom he has a terrible, unspoken crush. Perhaps they are roommates. Perhaps CB is Adam’s JVF. 2008-02-01 Fri 18:52.

MELINDA. Melinda Pritchett is ASHLEY’s mother and Bill PRITCHETT’s society wife.

MOTHER. Mrs. Sylvia Martinelli Davidson, ADAM’s mother.

NAOMI. Naomi Stewart is PHIL Stewart’s gorgeous, gracious wife with much of the poise of Michelle Obama and the grace of a modern dancer. She becomes a yoga instructor. More about NAOMI.

PRITCHETT. Bill Pritchett, ASHLEY’s father and MELINDA’s husband, is the local attorney, who counts Betty, among other notables, as his clients. He is a long-time drinking buddy of NEWTON. Betty and Pritchett have a running joke that Betty never gets paperwork to Bill fast enough – before he hits the golf course or the bar for the day. Betty does really like him, although is drinking has always concerned her, and she has never, ever cared for his wife, Melanie. Favorite sport to watch: Football.

RANGER. Ranger, a friendly and unusually bright black Labrador, is the faithful dog of Reverend Johnson (Betty’s deceased husband), then Betty, then PHIL, then PHIL and ADAM together. Ranger loves anybody Betty loves, especially Adam and Phil. When Betty dies, Phil inherits Ranger… along with Betty’s house and gardens. Ranger notes added Sun, 25 May 2003 (21:51). Ranger’s main function is to provide some humor and also provide continuity with the Raven, messenger energy which appears in the narrative.

RAVEN. A trickster figure (as always), Raven is an actual bird, a large, black raven who appears to ADAM in ANTHONY’S WORLD and has some connection with STEPHAN and Stephan’s call to Adam to return. More about RAVEN.

TERRENCE. The Rt. Rev. Terence Reynolds is Adam’s academic adviser in college and Adam’s bishop when the story opens. He convinces Adam to become a priest instead of a monk and advises Adam to stay quiet about his lack of interest in marrying a woman. More about TERRENCE.

THERESA. Maria Theresa Newton, STEPHAN’s mother and Dr. NEWTON’s wife, is a terminally depressed housewife completely under the sway of her husband, who was her therapist until he got her pregnant, married her quietly, and moved her far away from her family and friends.
She added the ‘H’ to her name, herself. Theresa represents the effect that fear and shame and violence have on the expression of natural impulses and symbols of beauty in a mechanistic, violent society. Favorite sport to watch: Ballet, Ice Dancing. Part of why she is so depressed is because her creativity and individuality has been completely stifled by her husband and her situations in life.

TODD. Todd Eaton, son of the Rev. Theodore Eaton, pastor of the 1st Presbyterian Church, is a former friend – and lover – of both Stephan and Ashley who takes quite a keen interest in Adam after Stephan returns to town. More about TODD.

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Groups & Institutions

1st PRES. The First Presbyterian Church of Eden is the rival congregation to All Saints.

ALL SAINTS’. All Saints’ Episcopal Parish, a small, traditional congregation in the Village of Eden, is the only family Adam has known for almost all of his professional life. The congregation meets in a stealth Episcopal Church (as I like to call the apologetic, modest, almost house churches which blend in so well in “Methodist Land” and other “low church” places).

EDEN. The Village and people of Eden are the living backdrop against which Adam’s Fall is drawn.

The SEMINARY Community.

The SOCIETY. The Society of Saint John the Beloved is the very gay-friendly community that Stephan encounters in Cambridge.


Archetypes & Influences

ADAM (Archetypal). Archetypal Adam is the persona from the creation and fall narratives. He is reddish and dark skinned. Archetypal Adam is represented here in the person of Adam Davidson. Id like my Archetypal Adam to be more like ISH than like JESUS.

Aelred de Riveaulx, the “gay” saint (or at least the homoerotic one), is an archetype in Adam’s Fall represented by the character ANTHONY.

The CHRIST-EROS. The Christ-Eros is an archetypal figure of my own invention based on “King of Love” imagery. The Christ‑Eros suffuses and undergirds the story, and in some sense might be the “actual” protagonist of Adam’s Fall.

DIONYSUS. The Greek God of wine and ecstasy imported from Central Asia, appears in Adam’s Fall, embodied in Stephan and then Adam. Adam the main character is a Dionysus archetype since he has to die twice in the narrative to open himself up to the fullness of divine ecstasy necessary for the fulfillment of his purpose on earth.

The DRAGON (SERPENT, SATAN). Satan appears as an ambiguous archetypal figure in Adam’s Fall. Sometimes, Satan appears as Todd, for whom the fantasy casting would be Colin Farrell, and sometimes the Satan figure appears as Stephan. The Serpent, is an archetypal figure in Adam’s Fall.

EROS appears in Adam’s Fall, primarily in the form of the Christ‑Eros.

EVE, the mother of all living, and one of the most maligned persons in all human history, is not present in Adam’s Fall. At least I don’t think she is, unless she is hiding in Ashley, who might therefore be renamed Evelyn or Yvette.

The HOSTS of the DRAGON. The Hosts of Lucifer are dark, Mediterranean-looking, bearded muscle men, perhaps not wearing leather, but ithyphallic and in jock straps perhaps with beards and bodies covered in dark hair and might have black bat wings and horns.

The HOSTS of MICHAEL. The hosts of Michael are blonde, innocent looking yet very wholesome pretty-boys with longish hair and a feminine demeanor, perhaps with full, red lips. They are wearing diaphanous clothing and might have white bird wings and halos.

LUCIFER (Archetypal).

MICHAEL (Archetypal).

Poseidon is a strange archetype to appear, yet, here he is!

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