Scene 101-01. Pride Before a Fall

Distraught after his discovery in the appearance of impropriety with STEPHAN, a young, married protégé and former parishioner, ADAM, the main character of Adam’s Fall, runs towards LAKE HERMITAGE to take his own life. As he ponders the proverb “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18), he wonders what sin of pride he had committed to bring him to this point. As he falls and crawls towards the cold water’s edge, his thoughts take him back to the night that Stephan returned home unexpectedly from college…

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The scene opens with Adam stumbling through the darkness and falling headlong. Out of his open backpack come flying a bottle of wine and a pill bottle – as well as his prayerbook.

As Adam scrambles to regain the three items he has brought, he thinks back on what brought him to the point where he is getting ready to take his own life.

NARRATOR. Pride goes before destruction…

NARRATOR. And a haughty spirit before a fall.

NARRATOR. This is what the scripture teaches.

NARRATOR. But I still couldn’t believe my olife had come to this point:

NARRATOR. A handful of pills.

N. A bottle of wine.

N. A Cold, dark lake in the middle of nowhere…

N. And me.

N. About to take a long, lonely journey

N. Into oblivion.

N. I knew it was a sin

N. To take my life

N. To destroy the one, greatest gift the Lord would ever give me.

N. But I had made a mess of things.

N. And I saw no way of putting things right

N. Than to take matters into my own hands

N. And trust that God, in His mercy,

N. Would understand.

N. Pride goes before a fall.

N. So goes the popuilar saying.

N. But even though I had fallen – and fallen hard –

N. I couldn’t recall what act of pride

N. What sin of hubris I had committed…

A [Whispers]. God, forgive me.

N. But perhaps that didn’t mattter now.

N. I had done something wrong, and I needed to atone

N. If nothing else to lift the shame I had allowed to befall

N. Myself, my church and my God.

ADAM leafs through his prayer book, but can find nothing to focus on.

Adam tosses the book aside.

A. God forgive me.

ADAM strips naked, finishes the wine. It’s cold and he holds himself as he wades, shivering out into the early October darkness.

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