Episode 105. Stephan’s Formation

When Adam is taken aback by Stephan’s liaison with an older man, Stephan insists that the affair was mutually consensual and mutually pleasurable. Stephan highlights the pedagogical aspects of the interaction and ends with a restatement of his desire to live as an openly-gay monk living in spiritual and erotic communion with like-minded brothers, dedicated to bringing peace to the world through conscious, passionate, radically-incarnational loving.

Scene 105-00a: A Splash page for Stephan’s Formation.

Scene 105-00b: A Recap of Episode 104. Stephan’s Retreat.

Scene 105-01: Stephan’s confession—and defense. Stephan confesses that everything started to become clear to him after he and Clifford had sex. When Adam reacts with shock and dismay, Stephan defends his time with Clifford and says that he expected Adam—of all people—to understand. Stephan suddenly realizes that Adam doesn’t know that Stephan (and everybody else) assumes Adam knows he’s gay.

Scene 105-02: Adam recalls Caleb’s benediction.

Scene 105-03: Adam apologizes to Stephan.

Scene 105-04: Stephan tells about his affair.

Scene 105-05: The end of the affair.

Scene 105-06: Stephan asks for a sign.

Scene 105-07: Stephan makes a vow.

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