Episode 202. Adam to the Rescue

Adam visits the Newton residence in a misguided attempt to talk Stephan out of going through with the wedding, but is accosted and dismissed by Newton who tells Adam to get out of the way and let Stephan grow up. Stephan and Terrence, Adam’s bishop, both counsel him to keep a safe distance from Newton. When Adam tries to commiserate with Phil, he gets no answer. Feeling very alone, he is starting to mope when an invitation to the wedding arrives in his mailbox.


Scene 202-00a. Splash page 1. Read more.

Scene 202-01: Newton dismisses Adam. Adam arrives at the Newton house and is let in the gate by a very nervous and disturbed Theresa, who has been working in the front yard garden. Newton appears, dismisses Theresa reluctantly to the backyard, and walks Adam back out the gate, letting Adam know that he is no longer needed in Stephan’s life, and that Stephan needs to grow up and assume his responsibilities as a man.

Scene 202-02: Stephan warns Adam away. Stephan, watching from a window as Newton escorts Adam out of the yard, picks up the phone and leaves Adam a message to not get involved. I’ve never seen him like this. Dad is really ticked off at you; he thinks everything is your idea. I don’t think you should deal with him right now.

Scene 202-03. Adam receives two messages. Back at his place, Adam listens to the message that Stephan left, and then gets a message from Terrence who tells Adam they need to talk. Adam calls the bishop who seems to know all about the situation. Adam asks if he should go, and Terrence counsels him to attend, wear his Anglican collar but not his cassock, represent the church and provide visual support for Scotty, but by no means get involved in whatever has been going on in that toxic family situation. Adam spends a minute alone, then calls Phil.

Adam’s bishop calls and asks how he is doing. When Adam asks if he is in trouble, Terence says that he is merely worried about him “out there in the boonies.” How about we arrange for you a sabbatical. You can take some courses at General… I can even find you an apartment in Chelsea for a little while. Adam says that he is fine where he is. Things as they are, he feels he is needed in Eden. Terence asks him to think about it. Terence alludes to how much trouble one can get into when they get isolated and alone. Written Sat, 14 Mar 2009.

Terence advises Adam to go to the wedding – what are they, Methodist? Presbyterian. Better! Wear your Anglican collar. I’m sure that’s all you wear… leave the cassock at home, now, will you? (Adam was wearing his cassock into town when Betty called Terence and warned Terence to make him stop.) also, Terence urges Adam to take care of himself and not get so isolated. Adam agrees and decides to call Phil to touch base – and ask about that coffee.

Scene 202-04: Phil blows off Adam. When the phone rings, Phil and Naomi are basking in the afterglow of a steamy sexual encounter triggered by Phil’s sudden but of raging lust after seeing Adam almost naked. Phil is forbidden by Naomi to answer, even though Phil knows it is Adam and wants to talk to him. Phil rolls over to check the caller ID and Naomi tells him not to move. Just turning off the machine, Pete assures her, and rolls over on top of her again.

Scene 202-05. An unexpected invitation. Adam, feeling suddenly lonely, bullied and a little betrayed slumps into his chair, his head in his hands. He hears a noise—the sound of his mailbox opening. He thinks it is a little early for the mail, but goes outside to find an invitation to Stephan & Ashley’s wedding, hand delivered.

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