Episode 203. The Wedding Banquet

Adam attends Stephan’s wedding where he is offered opportunities of the flesh and the spirit he didn’t know he wanted. Stephan professes his love, Phil tires to befriend him and Todd, Stephan’s old fuck buddy, attempts a seduction—all of which Adam rebuffs. But then a figure from Adam’s past suggests that he is going to receive an invitation to love that he won’t be able to refuse.

Scene 203-00a. Episode 203 Title Page. The title page for Episode 203 depicts Stephan throwing a drink in Adam’s face.

Scene 203-00b. Recap of Episode 202.

Scene 203-01. Adam and Phil commiserate. At the reception, Phil and Adam commiserate over the travesty of the wedding. When Adam suggests that Phil and his wife seem very well suited, Phil suggests that heterosexual marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Scene 203-02. Stephan’s immodest proposal. Stephan approaches Adam and pledges his love, suggesting that they be secret lovers. When Adam rejects Stephan’s offer, Stephan rebukes Adam loudly and publicly for being a hypocrite.

Scene 203-03. Todd rescues Adam. Todd, standing nearby, offers Adam a stiff drink and whisks him outside for conversation. Adam accepts, and Todd warns Adam about Stephan and his fickle notions of love.

Scene 203-04. Phil’s jealous fit. Phil has a fit of jealousy when Todd sweeps Adam away, allowing his wife, Naomi, to take note, realize that she has lost Phil, and decide to leave Eden once and for all.

Scene 203-05. Adam rejects Todd. Todd sympathizes with Adam over Stephan’s behavior, then makes a pass at Adam which Adam rejects. Adam mistakenly calls Todd “Caleb,” the name of his former seminary roommate.

Scene 203-06. Adam rejects Caleb. Adam’s rejection of Todd’s advances reminds him of the night he rejected the love of his seminary roommate and friend, Caleb. Although he comes close to confessing reciprocal feelings for Caleb, Adam drives Caleb away with his assertion that sex between men is sinful and potentially destructive to their career aspirations as priests. [This actually is the point where Caleb decides that he isn’t going to drive himself crazy pining after Adam and will pursue other men – the decision which ultimately gets Caleb kicked out of seminary.]

Scene 203-07. Adam and Todd say goodnight. Adam refuses Todd’s invitation to keep him company, but Todd offers him an erotic rain check, suggesting that somebody, someday was going to get past Adam’s defenses. For your sake, Adam, I hope it’s somebody who isn’t more trouble than he’s worth.

Scene 203-08. Caleb challenges Adam to love. Adam stumbles into the sanctuary of All Saints’ where the Christ-Eros in the form of Caleb challenges Adam from the cross to love sacrificially, sacrificing his notions of self. Adam refuses, saying that he cannot love the way Christ loves. The Christ-Eros asks Adam to open himself and let the Christ love through him, instead.

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