Episode 403. Adam’s Absolution

Adam goes to the Newton residence and confronts the withered, old man Newton has become. They have some angry words after which Adam storms out of the house to visit STEPHANs grave. Newton then kills himself, but his spirit remains. Adam offers Newton forgiveness. Newton takes the forgiveness and both men receive absolution through the gesture.

Scene 403-00: A Recap of Adam’s Epiphany (Episode 402).

Scene 403-01: Adam seeks out Newton. Adam seeks out Newton. Adam goes to the Newton residence and calls for Newton to come out but, hearing Newton tell him to go away, decides to go inside.

Scene 403-02: Adam confronts Newton. Adam, trembling with rage manages to ask Newton what happened and hears Newton’s confession. Newton killed the boy because the boy loved Adam and not his father. Deeply grieving, Adam asks where Stephan is buried, and Newton tells him out back. Adam decides to go ask Stephan for forgiveness.

Scene 403-03: Stephan commissions Adam to heal Newton. As Adam goes to look for Stephan, Stephan stops him and says, I’m not out there, Adam, I’m right here. Why didn’t you tell me? You didn’t need to know. Stephan, I’m sorry…. For what? I need you to do something. He can’t see me, and I need your help. He directs Adam to return to Newton. Perhaps this is when Newton shoots himself.

Scene 403-04: Adam and Stephan absolve Newton. Adam, accompanied by Stephan, returns to the place where Newton is sitting, and channels Stephan. Newton is weeping, bitterly, and starts to confess to Adam how badly he treated Stephan and his mother. Adam says, talk to Stephan about it. Newton asks Adam to kill him. Adam refuses to kill him, but lays hands on Newton, experiences and absorbs and transfigures his pain and liberates Newton’s purified soul from his body. As Newton takes the opportunity for healing, he dies and is energetically liberated, welcomed into the arms of the community of saints.

Scene 403-05: Adam returns to community. Phil, Theresa, Ashley and Todd arrive to find Adam in the backyard, on his knees, glowing, transfigured by his experience, surrounded by spirits. Stephan gives last messages and disappears, leaving the community to resolve to carry on the work of the dead.

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