Episode 102. Stephan’s Return

The unexpected reappearance of his favorite protégé, Stephan, leads Adam into conflicted-yet-strangely-familiar territory when Stephan announces that he has dropped out of college to pursue a monastic vocation in community—a dream that Adam, himself, had repressed (and tried to forget) long ago. Adam, stunned, and a little amused, invites Stephan to tell his tale.

Scene 102-01. War in Heaven
ADAM, having fallen asleep while saying Evening Prayer on Michaelmas (Sat, 29 Sep 2001), dreams of the War in Heaven described in Revelation 12:7-12, with the bright HOSTS of HEAVEN in diaphanous white battling the swarthy, leather-clad HOSTS of the DRAGON in increasingly erotic hand‑to‑hand combat. As ADAM is about to give himself up to a passion not entirely religious, his reverie is interrupted by STEPHAN, sneaking up behind him and covering his eyes… New description written Thu, 02 Oct 2014, revised Tue, 07 Oct 2014Read more.

Scene 102-02. Stephan declares his vocation
As ADAM dozes in his STUDY over the War in Heaven scriptures for Michaelmas (Sun, 29 Sep 2001) the next day, STEPHAN sneaks up behind him, covers Adam’s eyes and challenges him to “Guess who!” it is. Adam immediately imagines the skinny, fresh-faced youth who left for Europe, and then college earlier that year. Instead, when Adam turns around, he discovers a bulked-up, grown-up Stephan with gym-built muscles, a goatee, and an edgy, new eroticism that arouses more passions in Adam than he thought he had. When Stephan reveals that he has dropped out of college in order to be a monk, Adam seems taken aback. Stephan thinks that Adam doesn’t approve, but Adam reveals that he, too, was interested in becoming a monk when he was Stephan’s age. Read more.

Scene 102-03. Terrence redirects Adam’s vocation
TERRENCE collapses in peals of laughter when ADAM tells him he wants to be a monk. When he realizes that Adam is serious about this call, he counsels Adam to not hide away from the world. He suggests that Adam will make a fine priest – be God’s man in the world, raise a family… when Adam confesses that he isn’t particularly interested in women or a family Terrence tells Adam hat he is going to forget he heard that and makes a strong suggestion that Adam keep that information to himself. TERRENCE mixes the two of them drinks and raises a toast to the successful journey of a wonderful life in ministry. Written Tue, 11 Aug 2009 (21.12). Rewritten Thu, 14 Aug 2014 (22.12). Read more.

Scene 102-04. Stephan comes out to Adam
ADAM tells STEPHAN that his adviser convinced him to become a priest – God’s man in the world. Adam asks about Stephan’s engagement to ASHLEY, and Stephan informs him that he has decided he doesn’t want to get married – at least not to a woman. Grande pause. Adam, dismayed asks Stephan if he has time to tell him… to talk… to tell him about it… Stephan says, sure – if you have time to listen. Adam pours the tea and tells Stephan that he’s all ears. Read more.

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