Introducing Clifford

Fr. Jack CLIFFORD is an English curate (?) who introduces STEPHAN to the austere homoerotic beauty of monastic life.
The Rev. John “Fr. Jack” Clifford is an Anglican priest with a wife and two small kids who meets S at the BIRD SANCTUARY near the monastery where he is on retreat. S seduces CLIFF, but CLIFF is the catalyst who initiates Stephan officially into the mingling of the dual worlds of sex and spirit.

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Clifford Miscellany

Clifford (The Rev. Jack Clifford) is an Anglican cleric living a comfortable life as the rector of a high-steeple church in England. He has a wife and two beautiful children, but is a self-acknowledged, closeted bisexual. His wife doesn’t mind this at all as long as he’s very, very discreet. This hurts her, however, and his death on 11 September allows her, finally to move on and have a life with a man who loves her and her two children.
Clifford is a frequent visitor to the monastery, and, early on, his friend, Benedict, told him about the cruisy area in the Bird Sanctuary down the path. Favoring discretion, the cleric never really played there, but from time-to-time enjoyed seeing a beautiful boy or two and copping a feel, or flirting. I may be being naïve about this.
Fr. Jack Clifford is an Anglican cleric, on retreat at the monastery of St. John, who is seduced by Stephan into initiating the boy into the double mysteries of sex and the contemplative life.
Father Clifford is an Anglican cleric on retreat at the monastery of the Society of St. John the Beloved.
Clifford, after some coaxing, gives in and fully initiates Stephan into the double mysteries of monastic life and spiritual eroticism.
Clifford has a habit of praying after sex that I find charming in an acquaintance of mine.
Clifford is a self-acknowledged bisexual, but he never plays where he is paid.
He isn’t even sure he want to tangle with someone so indiscreet as Stephan, but Stephan charms him into casting caution to the wind, and off they go to a full-blown romance.

The Rev. Fr. Jack Clifford, 51, an incidental-but-oh-so-important Church of England cleric whose mini-romance with Stephan sets the young man on a new path in life.

My fantasy casting for Clifford would be, at this moment, Richard S.

He is tall and lean – but not emaciated.

Clifford was modeled after an English cleric whom I had the pleasure of knowing. We met in a class at the Episcopal Divinity School on… Feminist Theology, I think. We both ended up bagging the class I seem to recall. And we ended up banging each other. And then I met his wife… Noted Sat, 14 Dec 2013 (10:36), the Scriptorium.

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