Episode 100. An Invitation to Adam’s Fall

Adam’s Fall opens with a visual welcome, invitation and orientation to the narrative. Credits as well as caveats alert the audience to the adult nature of the work and proprietary concerns. Then there is a blessing before the main navigation page.


Scene 100-01. Splash page 1. The splash page for Adam’s Fall is a shifting, complex, multi-layered image, visually centered on ADAM, the main character, being offered fruit from the TREE of LIFE by a naked STEPHAN, and being warned away by a rifle-toting NEWTON. Read more.

Scene 100-02. Adult Material Advisory. A caveats page informs the reader that Adam’s Fall is a work containing sophisticated, frank depictions and discussion of sexuality and religion, nakedness and spirituality, and other cultural phenomena which might not be suitable for children or those of delicate sensibilities. As such, Adam’s Fall is intended only for mature audiences and restricted to those of legal age to view materials of an “adult” or “controversial” nature in their area of jurisdiction. Read more.

Scene 100-03. Proprietary Content Advisory. This is where I put copyright, usage information, and all that boring material. I need to think through whether I want a Creative Commons license or not. Read more.

Scene 100-04. An Invitatory Blessing. A welcome, thanks and blessing for the reader of Adam’s Fall. Read more.

Scene 100-05. Main Navigation Page. The main navigation page shows Stephan on the left side of the screen (naked, behind bushes) and Adam standing in front of the Tree of Life. This provides room in the center for a menu. Read more.

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