Episode 304. The Fall

Adam and Anthony read and discuss the Yahwist account of the Fall and the Expulsion from Eden.

Scene 304-00. Recap of Episode 303.

Scene 304-01. Adam & Anthony make love. I’m not sure exactly why, but Adam and Anthony make love. Adam offers Anthony a massage which turns into a hot, erotic encounter for them both.

Treatment notes Fri, 30 Aug 2002 (09:52)

I think the lead into this is that Adam is giving Anthony a massage in exchange for his kindnesses. Anthony gets aroused, and Adam shies away. He is also erect, and they fool around. Adam is still ashamed about it afterwards, and Anthony decides that Adam needs a crash course in original blessing theology.

304-01 Treatment Notes Fri, 21 May 2004 (11:00-11:02)

The lovemaking between Anthony and Adam is especially sweet, since Anthony really enjoyed and missed making love, and Adam has never had sex before. This is penetrative. Anthony fucks the shit out of Adam and Adam loves it in ways he has never loved anything before. Graphic, raw and passionate. Anthony was not gay when he was in the flesh, and considered himself heterosexual. The scandal for him was over a young girl who became pregnant and died in childbirth. Then Anthony swore off the priestly life and move away into his hermitage so he could no longer hurt the world.

Scene 304-02. Adam flees the scene of the crime. While Anthony sleeps after sex, Adam wraps himself in a blanket and sits by the stream, reflecting on his conflicted feelings about loving (more like lusting after) Anthony and loving Stephan (more like a mixture of lust, envy, possessiveness and yet wanting the best for him), enjoying the sex and not yet being comfortable with his body that way. Anthony awakens, joins Adam at the stream, comforts Adam and suggests that he and Adam read the account of the Fall and Expulsion from Eden. Anthony knows this is Adam’s favorite part. He jokes with Adam around it and asks Adam “are you sure you’re Anglican?” “I’m half Presbyterian,” Adam offers. “Then we have a LOT of work to do.” “Jealous?” Adam asks. Please!

I think that Adam wraps a cloth around himself when he wanders around the woods, and even around the house. He is not as comfortable as Anthony being naked, and Anthony honors this. Adam isn’t afraid to take off his cloth when he sleeps with Anthony, which starts happening at some discrete point. Noted Wed, 10 Mar 2004.

Scene 304-03. A reading from Genesis 3: the Fall and Expulsion. By the pond, Anthony reads Adam the account of the temptation, the fall and Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden. Anthony brings the text vividly to life.

Scene 304-04. Adam & Anthony discuss reconciliation. As Adam and Anthony discuss the fall and the implications of the Fall, focusing on the failure of Adam and Eve to let God make things right, Adam asks to be baptized, seeking reconciliation with God.

Scene 304-05. Adam asks for baptism. Adam asks to be baptized so that he can be reconciled to God. Anthony jokes with him, telling him that he is already reconciled to God. When he realizes Adam’s sincerity, he jokes with him a little, then agrees.

Scene 304-06. Adam’s baptism. Anthony baptizes Adam in the river and then they make passionate love. (In the next scene, Adam wakes up in Anthony’s bed, with Anthony wrapped around him). After Adam’s baptism, the messenger appears in the form of Stephan who asks Adam to return.

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