Book 4. Adam’s Redemption

Clive Owen

Clive Owen as Adam Davidson

In Book 4. Adam’s Redemption, Adam finds himself suddenly back in the real world, where he finds that he is now in a unique position to gather a healing community to do the work of God—and experience the joys of love—in a way he could not have imagined before.

Episode 401. Adam’s Return. Phil and Adam rediscover each other – and their mutual attraction – on the shores of Lake Hermitage. They bond deeply and physically as Phil catches Adam up on the major changes that have occurred in his absence: All Saints has burned, Betty Johnson has died, and Stephan suspiciously committed suicide the night Adam disappeared. Read more.

Episode 402. Adam’s Epiphany. Phil and Adam go to the diner to get some food. It is Sunday brunch by now, and people from church are coming out of the fancy room. Todd calls Ashley on her cell phone, and she looks up in time to see Adam and Phil arrive. She makes a pretense to go to the bathroom and confronts the two. She causes a scene, accuses Adam of horrible things. Adam, who hasn’t had meat in a while, goes outside to throw up. Theresa reveals to Adam that Stephan was killed by his father – killed because Stephan refused to deny his love for Adam. And Newton is still alive and at the house. Read more.

Episode 403. Adam’s absolution, Adam goes to the Newton residence and confronts the withered, old man Newton has become. They have some angry words after which Adam storms out of the house to visit STEPHAN’s grave. Newton then kills himself, but his spirit remains. Adam offers Newton forgiveness. Newton takes the forgiveness and both men receive absolution through the gesture.Read more.

Episode 404. An Epilogue. Adam delivers a homily on the sin of pride and the virtue of humility which ties up the main themes of the narrative and allows us to contemplate these mysteries in a new light. Read more.

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