*Introducing Adam

Clive Owen

Clive Owen

ADAM William Davidson, Jr., the main character of Adam’s Fall, is a 35-year-old, quietly gay, Episcopal priest living a lonely-but-comfortable existence as Vicar of the tiny, conservative parish of All Saints’ in the pretentious, isolated Village of Eden.

My fantasy casting for Adam flirts with other actors, but my most enduring fantasy casting tends to be to be a 35 yo Clive Owen or a slightly younger Clive Owen in Close My Eyes. He is handsome, sensitive, yet strong. I keep shying away from him because his body language is so self-assured and comfortable, I have trouble thinking of him as someone with a deeply debilitating secret. Or maybe not. He certainly has the brooding, dark Celtic qualities I have felt from Adam since his earliest conception.

Adam’s Habitat

Adam lives in a garden studio apartment. The back door opens out onto an old apple orchard. The front door opens to a walkway to the church.

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