Episode 204. Adam seeks a mate

Humbled by his realization both of his own desires and the choices he has made to keep everyone at a distance, Adam attempts to reach out in love, but finds it frightening, difficult, and embarrassing. Finally, he comes to an agreement with God that he will accept whatever love he is given, but he will need God’s help and guidance to find, recognize and accept the love that is right for him.

Scene 204-00a. Episode 204 Title Page. Adam stands in a bar, head slightly down, looking at his drink with the silhouettes of men dancing behind him. Todd stands next to him, an arm draped over his shoulder as Stephan watches from the background. Read more.

Scene 204-00b. Episode 203 Recap. Read more.

Scene 204-01. Betty discovers Adam. Arriving early as usual to prepare the altar for Eucharist, Betty discovers Adam passed out at the altar rail, in front of the stained-glass window which had spoken to Adam the night before. After ascertaining that he is merely just a little hung-over, Betty orders him to get dressed while she makes some coffee to wake him up.

Scene 204-02. Betty counsels Adam. Over coffee, Betty suggests that it is not good for Adam to be alone. When Adam asks who would marry him, Betty thinks to herself that there are plenty of people. But I’m not talking about getting married or doing that whole dating thing. Friends are good to have. You’re my friend, Adam tells Betty. Betty is flattered, but suggests that Adam needs to talk to someone closer to his own age. Phil seems like a nice guy. Adam is about to suggest that Phil is married, but Betty might cut him off and say I’d think he’d make a good friend for you. It is time to do church so Betty suggests that they get to it.

Scene 204-03. Adam calls Phil. Adam goes back and forth over calling Phil to meet for a coffee. He realizes that he is attracted to Phil and reminds himself that Phil has a wife – but then Betty said he didn’t necessarily need a partner, just a friend… Adam gets up his courage and finally calls… Written Sat, 14 Mar 2009.

Scene 204-04. Phil and Naomi argue. Phil is getting ready to go out with Naomi when he gets a call from Adam. Naomi tells Phil that he promised her this time. When Phil goes for the phone. Naomi says “you’d better put down that phone,” but not before Phil sees that the caller is Adam. Written Sat, 14 Mar 2009.

Scene 204-05. Adam goes out. Feeling very alone, Adam looks at the card for the Raven which Todd had given him. Adam decides to go. He walks past the stained glass window of the resurrection Christ, and addresses it as he heads out to maybe meet a “friend.” Written Sat, 14 Mar 2009.

Scene 204-06. Todd welcomes Adam. Adam sneaks into the Raven and runs into Todd who hangs out with him, buys him a beer, makes another proposition. When Adam tells Todd he isn’t ready for “the gay lifestyle” Todd accuses him of loving Stephan and warns Adam away. When Todd suggests that Adam do some low-grade experimentation, Adam leaves so quickly that some of the queens jeer him, and he doesn’t notice Stephan watching him go.

Scene 204-07. Adam gives it up to God. Adam returns from the Raven and shares his despair with God about his loneliness. He admits to God that he doesn’t know what to do and says that the only way he is going to be happy is with divine intervention.

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