Episode 104. Stephan’s Retreat

Encouraged by Adam, Stephan reveals that he has spent the weekend at the monastery, following the life of the monks during the day, and sleeping in Clifford’s bed every night.

Scene 104-00a: A Splash Page for Stephan’s Seduction. This is an image of STEPHAN’s arriving at the cell of a shocked CLIFFORD wearing nothing but a sheet – and barely that. Read more.

Scene 104-00b. A recap of Episode 103. Stephan’s Seduction. In the previous episode…  More to come…

Scene 104-01: Adam asks about the monastery. Adam asks Stephan about his experience with the monastery and Stephan informs him that he actually never left.  Read more.

Scene 104-02: Stephan receives asylum. Stephan receives permission to stay the weekend at the monastery. There is a free room next to Clifford’s and Clifford offers to pay. Read more.

Scene 104-03: Stephan seduces Clifford. Stephan arrives at Clifford’s door wearing nothing but a bed sheet. Although Clifford is conflicted, he finally lets Stephan enter. Read more.

Scene 104-04. Stephan and Clifford make love. Clifford gives in to temptation and he and Stephan have a passionate erotic coupling. Read more.

Scene 104-05. A Closing Prayer. Clifford says a prayer over Stephan and himself as Stephan snuggles next to him, drifting off to sleep. Stephan wakes up enough to hear it and smiles. Read more.

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