Episode 201. Adam’s Recruitment

Phil Stewart, Assistant Pastor at 1st Presbyterian, makes an unexpected visit to Adam to ask him to intervene and stop Stephan’s impending wedding to Ashley which Adam knew nothing about.

Scene 201-01. Stephan’s Invitation. Adam awakens to a light coming out of his closet. When he gets up to investigate, he finds it is a portal to the Garden of Eden with a huge tree, the Tree of Life, in the distance. Stephan invites Adam to come, eat of the Tree of Life, but as Adam starts to follow he realizes he is naked. Newton calls them out and menaces them, yet they escape up into the tree. Newton bangs on the trunk of the tree with his musket: thump, thump, thump.

Scene 201-02. Adam’s rude awakening. Adam is roused from his dream by a knocking on his door which turns out to be Phil, who thinks Adam is naked. Adam is actually wearing boxers. Phil offers to come back later, but Adam tells him that he’ll be right out.

Scene 102-03. Adam prepares to meet Phil. Adam gets dressed in sweats and a T-shirt. He inspects his closet, which turns out to be just a closet. He shakes his head and goes out to find out what Phil wants to tell him—after checking his reflection in t eh mirror and fixing his hair a little.

Scene 201-04. Phil and Adam conspire. Phil tells Adam that Stephan is scheduled to be married at 1st Pres with Phil as the minister in little more than a week. This is a complete surprise to Adam, but Phil isn’t surprised that Adam’s been kept out of the loop. Phil, who has great misgivings about the situation—he doesn’t believe that Stephan is the kind to settle down, at least not with a woman—pressures Adam to intervene and stop the wedding, if possible. Adam isn’t sure what he should do, but Phil hints that Stephan has a crush on Adam. Phil suggests that Adam might use his influence to talk some sense into the youth. Phil makes small talk, and agree to take each other up on their long-standing coffee date. Phil asks Adam to give him a call and let him know how it turns out. Phil says, I’ll let you get back to sleep.

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