The Story

Clive Owen

Clive Owen

Adam’s Fall, a graphic novel in progress, tells the story of ADAM Davidson, a quietly gay, Episcopal priest whose fall from grace prompts his awakening to a cosmos of love, joy, power and freedom beyond his wildest dreams.

At the heart of the “Gospel” (the central theme) of Adam’s Fall lies the concept that God’s creation is fundamentally good and that in “the fall” humankind turned away from God as a fundamental source of life and light and wholeness and, instead, sought to return to Paradise by means of his own will, strength and desire, rather than first, humbly, and simply turning to embrace the God who stood – and stands – right at hand, willing and able to make all things right from the first through God’s inexhaustible, longsuffering, loving grace. Wed, 08 Aug 2007 (19.07).

Adam’s Fall will be told in four books, spread out over approximately 25 episodes.

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