*Introducing Stephan

Stephan as HunterParrish portrait

Hunter Parrish as fantasy casting for STEPHAN

Michael STEPHAN Newton
, 20, ADAM’s former protégé, is the “boy fatal” antagonist of Adam’s Fall who sets the narrative in motion when he divulges to Adam his desire to become an openly-gay monk living in spiritual and erotic community with like-minded brothers. He wants to open Adam up to a fuller life and grander possibilities than Adam can imagine.

A good fantasy casting for Stephan might be Hunter Parrish. He has a strange beauty which ranges from innocently angelic to rough and manipulative.

Stephan comes to live at home at the Newton Residence after he leaves Boston/Cambridge, and re-occupies his old bedroom way upstairs in a large, lonely brownstone Victorian mansion where he has lived from his early adolescence until the time he leaves for school. Noted 4/13/2009 12:51 PM.

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