Episode 302. A Lesson in Original Goodness

Anthony decides that Adam needs a crash course in Original Blessing Theology, so he begins with Genesis 1 and starts to re-teach Adam about the basic goodness of creation that lies at the root of Jewish and Christian faith.

Scene 302-01. Adam’s sexual awakening. During a massage, Adam regains feeling to this genital region and legs. Even though he tries to hide it and squirms, uncomfortable, he gets an erection and ejaculates. The energy from the orgasm frees up Adam’s voice, and he stops Anthony, stammering apologies as he spurts all over himself. His apologies seem like ingratitude to Anthony who gives Adam a stern warning about rejecting the gifts of God and storms out of the room.

Scene 302-02. Adam and Anthony start over. Anthony returns to the cabin, he gives Adam a robe – which he calls a fig leaf – and he and Adam reconcile and reintroduce themselves. Anthony decides to re-teach Adam the principle of the basic goodness of creation that lies at the root of Jewish and Christian faith and mysticism. Anthony decides to wrap something around his loins – just until we get to know each other better – and he offers food and they talk.

Scene 302-03. The Priestly tale of Original Goodness. Anthony makes Adam lie back and relax while he reads the Priestly creation account: Genesis 1. Anthony reads more slowly than Adam is accustomed to, allowing Adam to visualize all sorts of wonderful images, such as the birthing and the ordering of the cosmos in metaphorical reality.

Scene 302-04. Anthony argues the inherent goodness of creation. While eating a noontime meal, Adam and Anthony reflect on their understandings of Genesis 1. Anthony leads the discussion, asking what Adam thinks about the passages they read earlier. During the discussion, Anthony brings Adam to the realization that the earth and all of its creations are fundamentally good – and that the fundamental goodness of the earth has only been concealed, not obliterated.

Scene 302-05. Adam ponders his new situation. Adam ponders his feelings of love and respect for Anthony.

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