Book 3. Adam’s Reformation

Clive Owen

Clive Owen as Adam Davidson

In Book 3. Adam’s Reformation, Adam finds himself mute, paralyzed, and with no recollection of who he is in the care of a strange, older man who restores him to full function and awareness. As Adam reawakens to his body and his life, he is instructed in new ways to perceive the life of the spirit and his role as part of God’s creation. Just as Adam comes to appreciate and understand who he is in the universe—and how to love—he finds he must return to the real world to address situations he has left behind.

Episode 301. Adam’s Revival. Adam awakens, physically paralyzed and mute, in the gentle care of a strange older man who restores the functioning of Adam’s body through chanting, prayer, and body work, herbs and loving attention. Read more.

Episode 302. A Lesson in Original Goodness. Tony decides that Adam needs a crash course in Original Blessing Theology, so he begins with Genesis 1 and starts to re-teach Adam about the basic goodness of creation that lies at the root of Jewish and Christian faith. Read more.

Episode 303. The Work of Humankind. Adam’s re-education continues with a reading and discussion of the Yahwist creation account (Genesis 2:4b-25). Read more.

Episode 304. The Fall. Adam and Tony read and discuss the Yahwist account of the Fall and the Expulsion from Eden. Read more.

Episode 305. Stephan calls Adam to return. Adam has a series of visions in which Stephan tries to reach him by a variety of means. Finally he comes to see the visions as Stephan and to hear the call to return to Eden and finish the work that Stephan began. Read more.

Episode 306. Last Lessons & Goodbyes. Tony and Adam read and discuss the opening hymn of the Gospel of John, weaving its insights into their goodbyes and future leave-taking. Written Fri, 21 May 2004 (10:53). Read more.

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