Scene 100-01. Splash Page 1

The splash page for Adam’s Fall is a shifting, complex, multi-layered image, visually centered on ADAM, the main character, being offered fruit from the TREE of LIFE by a naked STEPHAN, and being warned away by a rifle-toting NEWTON.

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Working Script


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Setting Notes

Time. October 2001.

Place. Lake Hermitage

Mood. Tense, Exciting.


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Character Notes

ADAM. Adam is the central figure of this image. his mood is one of concerned contemplation. He is worried, staring at his Book of Common Prayer.  ADAM. Adam is wearing a black hoodie with a black pair of sweats. Under this, however, he is wearing his collar. Adam is holding a Book of Common Prayer. Adam’s agenda is to figure out the right thing to do. Thwarting Adam’s agenda are two polar opposites: STEPHAN, who wants him to live a life of liberty, and NEWTON, who wants Adam’s influence over his son to end.

STEPHAN. Stephan is naked, but partially concealed by some bushes. His archetype is a mixture of Hermes and St. Sebastian. He is holding out an apple to Adam. His goal is to draw Adam into an Edenic paradise of brotherly love and spiritual ecstasy. Thwarting his goal is Stephan’s father, NEWTON, who wants Stephan to act—if not BE—straight and do whatever he bids Stephan to do.

NEWTON. Newton might be wearing a puritan outfit. He is holding a rifle by his side. His agenda is to halt (and reverse, if he can) the bonds between Stephan and Adam. This is thwarted by the fact that Stephan and Adam’s love has been nurtured over many years of prayer and honest conversation with each other.

CHRIST-EROS. The Christ-Eros is subtly depicted behind the tree, hovering in the air. He carries nothing and has his arms and palms open wide as if to embrace all three of the men in front of the tree. The agenda of the Christ-Eros is to draw all humanity together in love. His plans are thwarted—but not forever—by the very nature of each human being.

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Themes & Symbolism

Major Themes

Eden vs. the Civilized Order.

Calvinism vs. Mysticism.



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General Notes & Miscellany

General Notes


Backstory. This is a visual reflection of the most crisis-laden point of the narrative: Adam has decided to take his life due to the appearance of scandal in the form of STEPHAN.

Unsorted or Unincorporated Text

Scene 100-01 Notes: The graphic I have envisioned for Book 1: Adam’s Temptation is Adam, in collar, pondering an apple as a serpent wraps around his body. Adam is holding a bible under his arm, which – if I can draw it well – looks like it is going to drop at any moment due to inattentive neglect. The reference image is Warren Beatty in the poster for the movie “Heaven Can Wait.”

End Notes & Miscellany. Back to Top.


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