Introducing Calvin

CALVIN Johnson, NAOMI’s brother and an incidental character in Adam’s Fall, is PAUL Stewart’s brother-in-law and former seminary roommate. It is Calvin who introduced Pete to his wife Naomi, and hopes that he has done the right thing by bringing the two most important people in his life together. Although he knows very well that Pete is a closeted homosexual, he loves him platonically like a brother and honors Naomi’s desire to marry him.

CALVIN. Calvin Johnson is NAOMI’s brother, PAUL’s brother-in law and former roommate in seminary with whom PAUL once attempted a drunken seduction.

Calvin has a rich, baritone voice that he uses to sing duets with his sister.
The duets enthrall and enchant Pete, who falls deeply in love with them both whenever they sing for him, especially at Christmas time.

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