*Introducing Phil

Ryan Carnes as Fantasy casting for Paul.

Ryan Carnes as Fantasy casting for PHIL.

“Pastor PHIL” Stewart (32) is the wildly popular – and handsome – assistant pastor and youth minister at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Eden who moonlights as landscaper and owner of God’s Green Earth.

Phil is known about town for his green pickup truck, tight polo shirts, and tighter khaki shorts (and hairy legs).

Phil’s wife NAOMI doesn’t seem to mind the attention he gets – in fact, she seems to appreciate having a beautiful man as a match for her own beauty – and a gentle, simple personality as a balance to her brilliance… Phil has never been linked to affairs with women, even though he flirts endlessly and many women have tried a great number of things in order to tempt him… but she does wonder sometimes about her husband’s attentions… and affectional interests… (2008.10.01)

Phil seems to like – and always promises to get together with ADAM but never seems to find the time. (2008.10.01)

Fantasy Castings

My favorite fantasy casting for Phil right now would be Ryan Carnes.



PHIL tried to have sex with NAOMI’s brother, CALVIN, while Phil and Calvin were roommates at seminary (modeled after Princeton Theological Seminary). Calvin was both relieved and alarmed after Phil and Naomi hit it off, and tried to suggest to Naomi that Phil may have an interest in men. Naomi took it as an attempt on Calvin’s part to stop the wedding so as not to embarrass the proud, black family with a white man carrying off it’s greatest prize. 2008.10.01.


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