Book 1. Adam’s Temptation

Clive Owen

Clive Owen as fantasy casting for Adam Davidson

In Book 1: Adam’s Temptation, Adam Davidson’s lonely but comfortable life as a quietly gay, celibate, Episcopal priest is challenged when Stephan, a young man he helped guide through a stormy and abusive adolescence, reawakens a vision that Adam had even forgotten he once had: to live in intimate community with other Christian men dedicated to healing the world as part of their loving service to God.

Episode 100. An Invitation to Adam’s Fall. Adam’s Fall opens with a visual welcome, invitation and orientation to the narrative. Credits as well as caveats alert the audience to the adult nature of the work and proprietary concerns. Then there is a blessing before the main navigation page. Read more.

Episode 101. Pride before a fall. Stunned and shocked by his stumble into the appearance of impropriety he didn’t even know was happening, Adam, nevertheless has decided to sacrifice his life to atone for the shame he feels he has brought upon his congregation, his church, and his God. Read more.

Episode 102. Stephan’s Return. The unexpected reappearance of his favorite protégé, Stephan, leads Adam into conflicted-yet-strangely-familiar territory when Stephan announces that he has dropped out of college to pursue a monastic vocation in community—a dream that Adam, himself, had repressed (and tried to forget) long ago. Adam, stunned, and a little amused, invites Stephan to tell his tale. Read more.

Episode 103. Stephan’s Seduction.  Stephan relates to Adam a slightly sanitized version—but recalls in full detail—how Father Clifford, an Anglican cleric Stephan tried to seduce, introduced Stephan to the austere, homoerotic beauty of the monastic life during an impromptu tour of the monastery where Clifford is on retreat. Read more.

Episode 104. Stephan’s Retreat. Encouraged by Adam, Stephan reveals that he has spent the weekend at the monastery, following the life of the monks during the day, and sleeping in Clifford’s bed at night. Read more.

Episode 105. Stephan’s Formation. When Adam is taken aback by Stephan’s liaison with an older man, Stephan insists that the affair was mutually consensual and mutually pleasurable. Stephan highlights the pedagogical aspects of the interaction and ends with a restatement of his desire to live as an openly-gay monk living in spiritual and erotic communion with like-minded brothers, dedicated to bringing peace to the world through conscious, passionate, radically-incarnational loving. Read more.

Episode 106. Adam’s Dilemma. Adam confesses that Stephan’s story is too much for him to take in all at once. However, as he promises to walk with Stephan towards a clearer understanding of Stephan’s vocation, Newton, Stephan’s father, barges into Adam’s office, beats and berates Stephan, and drags the boy away, leaving Adam to reflect on his attempts to love and inoculate Stephan from the story and destructive Newton family dynamics. Read more.

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