Episode X01: The Tragedy of Adam, Newton & Stephan

Adam, Newton and Stephan act out the most significant tension-filled triangle in Adam’s Fall. Adam and Stephan bond during Stephan’s adolescent years, beginning with the night that Stephan showed up in the rain, seeking sanctuary from the storms going on in his life and the life of his family.

Stephan loves his dad and wants good things to happen for him…but on this side of the plane of existence it seems out of the question. Luckily, some of what is going on with Adam’s Fall, is his maturing to the next stage where he can be saved. Adam and Stephan have to evolve to a place where they can be of service – they have to evolve to the place where they know what resources they have access to – and how themselves to best be used of Spirit to heal the hard cases and endure in the tough spots. So I need to keep some echoes of the Stephan / Newton relationship sounding throughout the narrative. In a sense it’s all about Calvinist Newton and Mystical Stephan. TBTG. 2009.01.21 (20:22).

Scene X01-01: Adam rescues Stephan. Adam remembers the night he first met Stephan, interrupted in the midst of his prayers by a knock on the door. Adam invites the youth in from the rain, wondering what storms were going on in the boy’s life.

Scene X01-02: Adam offers Stephan sanctuary. Adam offers Stephan tea in his study. At first, Stephan is engaging, even a little bit seductive as he queries Adam about what kind of minister he is, and why he’s wearing a dress. As Stephan gets more comfortable, however, he reveals his ongoing distress over one of his father’s violent rages and physically and emotionally abusive relationship with his mother.

Scene X01-03: Adam and Stephan bond. Adam recalls mentoring Stephan over the years, and watching him develop into a bright, charismatic and (relatively) well-adjusted young man.

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