Book X. Backstory

Clive Owen

Clive Owen as Adam Davidson

In Book X: Backstory, contains backstory sequences for Adam’s Fall.

In Episode X01: The Tragedy of Adam, Newton & Stephan, Adam, Newton and Stephan act out the most significant tension-filled triangle in Adam’s Fall. Adam and Stephan bond during Stephan’s adolescent years, beginning with the night that Stephan showed up in the rain, seeking sanctuary from the storms going on in his life and the life of his family. Read more.

In Episode X02: The Romance of Phil, Naomi… and Calvin, Phil falls in love with Calvin, his seminary roommate, who gently but firmly rejects his advances. They become close friends, anyway and Calvin eventually introduces Phil to his sister, Naomi, with whom Phil falls deeply in love. Despite Calvin’s suspicions of Phil’s bisexuality, Calvin – although alarmed at first – sees the two so happy together that he eventually gives them his blessing and intercedes with the family so they can date, marry, and move off together to Eden.

In Episode X03: The Dissolution of Naomi and Phil, Naomi leaves Phil for a variety of reasons (one of which is Phil’s crush on Adam) but mostly because in Phil has not given her the love and attention and support that she needs and deserves in the hostile, demeaning atmosphere she finds for herself in Eden.

In Episode X04: The Romance of Stephan, Todd… and Ashley, Stephan and Todd have an on-again / off-again romance starting soon after Stephan moves to town and continuing up through Stephan’s death. In between, the two of them manage to have romances with Ashley, also.

In Episode X04: Betty’s Leave-Taking, Betty’s goodbyes to Phil disturb and sadden Phil but her death leaves Phil devastated, vulnerable and powerfully alone.

In Episode X06: Todd & Phil Have a Fling, Todd’s consolation of Phil after Betty’s death turns into a fuck-buddy relationship that is perfect for Todd and pretty-damn nice for Phil also – until Ashley lays down the law and Adam returns.

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