Introducing Caleb

greg-rutherford-106CALEB Randall  is ADAM’s deep crush and roommate in SEMINARY who urges Adam to acknowledge that the erotic component of their love is as important – and holy – avenue to pursue as the other aspects of their love. I could say this better! Noted 2008-02-01 Fri 18:44. Caleb is a red head with freckles and wild and wavy hair. He seems to Adam as a figure out of the seventies or Godspell! Which is one of Caleb’s favorite musicals. They really hit it off in seminary, but Adam rejects the physical and erotic components of their love.

Caleb reappears as the CHRIST-EROS in an attempt to call Adam into a deeper loving than Adam feels is possible for him at that point – if ever.

Notes & Miscellany

Caleb Randall is Adam’s seminary roommate with whom Adam had a platonic but very romantic relationship.

Caleb’s Profile

Caleb Randall is Adam’s seminary roommate and his first adult, mutual love interest. Caleb and Adam’s relationship was full of passion and affection, yet remained painfully platonic due to Adam’s lack of readiness to open fully to love.

Caleb’s miscellany

Caleb is a red-haired, Southern gentleman of Irish heritage, overwhelmingly polite and pleasant, with a randy streak most people wouldn’t be able to predict is there.

Favorite sport to watch: Modern Dance & Opera

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