Episode 205. Stephan’s Offering

Stephan plunges himself and Adam into mortal danger when his attempt to seduce Adam is witnessed by both Stephan’s jealous ex-fuck-buddy, Todd, and Stephan’s irate father, Newton. When Newton returns with his rifle, catching his son and Adam naked together, he beats his son mercilessly and threatens Adam with death or worse if Adam doesn’t leave Eden immediately and forever.

Scene 200-01. Splash page 1. Read more.

Scene 205-01. Adam rejects Todd again. As Adam nears the rectory at the end of his evening jog, Todd pulls up alongside him on his motorcycle and asks if he can cash in his rain check and keep Adam company for the evening. Adam politely but firmly refuses Todd’s offer and goes inside alone, leaving Todd really frustrated and more than a little angry – and he doesn’t even know why. Todd is about to leave in disgust when he sees Stephan come screeching up in his new Porsche – a wedding present from his new in-laws, the Pritchetts – and bound up to Adam’s doorstep with a bottle of wine. Jealous and intrigued, Todd turns off his bike and sticks around to see if Stephan has any better luck with Adam than he had. Rewritten Fri, 20 Feb 2009 (21:49-57).

Scene 205-02. Stephan arrives, bearing gifts. Stripping off his clothes–and reciting the Jesus Prayer–Adam is about to succumb in private to the passions Todd has worked so hard to arouse – when the doorbell rings. Thinking it is Todd, he rushes to the door but is surprised to find not Todd but Stephan standing there, offering a bottle of wine as a peace offering and an apology. Against his better judgment, Adam invites Stephan inside. Just to talk. Written Sun, 21 Jun 2009 (18:16). Edited Sun, 13 Mar 2011 (18:18)


After turning down Todd’s offer of company for the evening, Adam, feeling hot and tired from his jog strips off his soggy shirt and sweatshirt before jumping in the shower. He is interrupted by the doorbell, and thinks it is Todd, refusing to take no for an answer. He is conflicted, however… doesn’t put his shirt back on… he goes to the door, and opens it, expecting to see Todd – but it is Stephan, standing there with a bottle of wine. “Were you expecting somebody?” Todd asks. “no,” Adam lied. No… I was just getting ready to take a shower…” “Can I come in?” Stephan asks, too quickly for Adam to refuse. “I brought you a peace offering… and a late birthday gift.” Adam knows he is in a delicate position, but allows Stephan inside. “Sure… come on in.” Adam puts his sweatshirt back on as Stephan leers at his pale, tender flesh. Rewritten 6/21/2009 5:57 pm.

In the previous scene, Adam had returned home from a run and had been propositioned by Todd. Adam turns down the offer but now (eager to jump into the shower and succumb in private to the passions Todd has aroused) is interrupted in his feverish undressing when the doorbell rings.

Adam has gotten his sweatshirt and T-shirt off in one swift movement when the doorbell rings. Thinking that it is Todd, not accepting “no” for an answer, he hesitates a moment, but then decides maybe Todd is right and rushes, shirtless, to the door, uncertain of what he will say.

When Adam yanks open the door he is surprised to find not Todd but Stephan standing there, instead. Stephan has come offering Adam a bottle of wine as a belated birthday gift and as an apology for his horrible behavior at his wedding. Conflicted, horny, confused, and very vulnerable, Adam invites Stephan inside against his better judgment. He slips back into his sweatshirt and T-shirt which Stephan watches with great pleasure.

Scene 205-03. Todd blows the whistle… and news spreads. Todd, furious at seeing Stephan visiting Adam with a bottle of wine – and being welcomed inside – calls Ashley to let her know what her husband is up to. Ashley calls her father in tears and tells him Stephan is sleeping with “that fucking pedophile Adam.”Written Mon, 03 Aug 2009 (23:11).

OUTSIDE: Todd sees Adam invite Stephan in with a bottle of wine and says… you fucking hypocrite.” Todd notices that he can creep over to peer into Adam’s window sheltered by some bushes – so this is what he does. Rewritten 6/21/2009 5:57 pm.

Scene 205-04. Stephan & Adam talk sex. After apologies, Adam asks Stephan about married life, and the conversation turns to sex. Then, Stephan realizes that Adam has never even been kissed. Written Mon, 03 Aug 2009 (23:19).

INSIDE: The conversation resumes between Adam and Stephan, with Stephan apologizing, and Adam asking Stephan how married life is treating him. Stephan says it isn’t bad, in some ways. Sex is okay. Adam finds it interesting that Stephan likes having sex with Ashley. “I thought you had sworn off women.” Stephan smiles. “An orgasm is an orgasm.” Stephan says… “but I still prefer guys. Men, really.” Stephan realizes that Adam has no idea what he is talking about. Rewritten 6/21/2009 5:57 pm.

Scene 205-05. Adam’s sexual awakening. Adam remembers his arousal the time that his dad caught him at the church picnic with a hard-on, wrestling in the stream with Jimmy Franklin. Written Mon, 03 Aug 2009 (23:30).

Scene 205-06. Adam’s confesses he’s never been kissed. Somehow, Stephan uncovers the truth that Adam that he has never even kissed anyone in an erotic sort of way. The opportunity never arose, Adam says.

Scene 205-07. Newton scares off Todd. While Adam and Stephan are having a dialogue about kissing, Newton shows up and sees Todd looking in the window, still on his cell phone. He scares Todd away and looks in the window, himself.

Scene 205-08. Stephan makes his move. Hey, Adam? Stephan says. When Adam looks up and says “What?” Stephan kisses him.

Scene 205-09. Newton goes for his rifle. Newton, witnessing the kiss, reacts with fury, storming off, thinking that Adam is about to have sex with his son.

Scene 205-10. Adam rejects Stephan’s advances. Adam pushes Stephan away and reminds Stephan that he’s married. Stephan says that he can’t go home. He’s already drunk, and Ashley will divorce him if he goes home drunk again. He asks to crash on Adam’s couch. I’ll take the couch. You can take the bed, Adam says. But no funny stuff. Adam goes to the shower.

Scene 205-11. Adam struggles with temptation. In the shower, Adam prays for strength while debating whether or not to quench his lust on his own, right then and there. Strange to have a little baptism theme going, here. 8/5/2009 10:46 PM

Scene 205-12. Newton interrupts. Newton bursts in on a scene which drives him mad with fury: Stephan is naked on Adam’s bed in his best come-fuck-me pose, Adam has emerged from the shower, flushed from jerking off and astonished to see Stephan’s naked body as well as Newton standing in the room with a rifle. “Hell to pay” are the words that keep echoing in Adam’s ears after Newton leaves, dragging behind him his naked son. 2/12/2009 4:12 PM

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