Underhill’s Mystical Stages and Plotting Adam’s Reformation

Icon of Evelyn Underhill by Suzanne Schleck

Icon of Evelyn Underhill by Suzanne Schleck

Yesterday I had a blinding flash of the obvious which must have been my muse returning after having a few drinks at the time-out-of-time bar while my head softened up enough to receive the transmission. Thanks, Muse, I’m awake now (or at least a little more so).

The information transmitted was this: Evelyn Underhill’s mystic stages of a soul’s journey towards bliss not only works as a framework for Adam’s Fall as a whole, but provides the contours for its story-within-a-story, Adam’s Reformation, Book 3. This is because Book 3: Adam’s Reformation, is essentially the story I really want to tell.

Or it is at least one of the stories I want to tell. It’s the scariest, for a variety of reasons. It tells the metaphysical story of my time with my mentor learning about mysticism in the context of a sexually-manifested, erotic relationship. I have wanted to write about this relationship since before it happened. [But I digress. I want to talk about Underhill’s stages and how they relate to plotting Book 3.]

Underhill’s five stages include:

  1. The Awakening of the Self
  2. The Purgation of the Self
  3. Illumination
  4. The Dark Night of the Soul
  5. Union with the Divine

I spoke in the last post about how the first two books of Adam’s Fall are about purgation, stripping away, but Book 3 is its own story in and of itself and so begins the cycle again. It also completes a cycle. The story could almost stand alone, but would be much less interesting if it did.

More on this later.

Fri, 16 October 2015 (10:45)
A Starbucks in Hamilton Twp, NJ


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