Radical Incarnation and Adam’s Fall, Part 1

[This post is named “Radical Incarnation and Adam’s Fall, Part 1” because I’ll probably return to this theme again and again.]

Radical Incarnation. That is what I am preaching. That’s the whole point of Adam’s Fall. The storyline of Adam’s Fall is God, the Christ-Eros, saying to Adam: “Look, Stupid, [OK, perhaps not the “Stupid”] the way I created you is the way I expect and need you to be in the world.” that includes Adam’s charm, his intellect, his dedication, his devotion, his compassion… and his ability to connect through his sexuality and friendships as well as through the professional persona he has so carefully crafted over the years. This guy has got to be so powerfully lonely, especially if he’s 42, as I think I need to make him.

I still ask the question, how is he celibate, gay and 42 without being three hundred pounds or a raging alcoholic? Because he has done enough of the right things to keep himself as healthy as possible. He has let Betty be his support, emotionally, he has dedicated himself to saying four offices a day (Morning Prayer, Noonday Prayer, Evening Prayer and Compline), he has tried to eat right (Betty helps with this), and he has a purpose: to be of service to the people of God within his congregation, and, to a certain extent, in the world.

Has Adam been active in the world? Actually, I should ask how Adam has been active in the world. Has he championed the rights of women? Has he preached concern for the struggling people of Darfur? Has he decried the injustices of the day? Poverty? War? Homelessness? Has he let the church operate a food pantry? He had no choice, but he fully supports it and even works the annual Thanksgiving dinner. That is his main Thanksgiving dinner, actually, for both him and Betty. There is no other, cushy thanksgiving they run off to afterwards.

Actually, let’s remember that Adam is the Episcopal priest in town. He, of course, is invited to the thanksgiving Eve cocktail party, thrown by the Pritchetts. He hasn’t been invited since the Ashley abortion scandal. I’ve written about the abortion scandal—or imagined it—but I haven’t really written about it recently. I’ll say more about that in the next post.


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