Productive day at the AF StoryBible – Sat, 13 Sep 2014

I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress on the Adam’s Fall StoryBible today; I added a number of new pages which might be of interest to readers.

In terms of the STORY, since last week I’ve added pages for the rest of the episodes I have currently plotted for Adam’s Fall. Although these may not—probably won’t—be the final structure, you can read through them from Episode 101. The Prologue through The Epilogue of Episode 404 (if you really want to spoil your story).

I added a page for Book X, which is my name for the section of the Adam’s Fall project which contains Outtakes and Backstory sequences and scenes. I didn’t add any of those sequences or scenes yet, but as I edit them a little, I will upload them for your perusal relatively soon. I find them interesting.

In the area of CHARACTERS I added RAVEN to the lineup and finally (I hope) changed Introducing Paul to Introducing Phil. Phil just feels like a better name for me. I keep wanting to use “Paul,” but if Phil ain’t feeling it, forget it.

One of the more interesting sections I’ve added to the character pages are the “dialogues.” These are conversations I’ve had with characters, most notably ADAM and RAVEN. I believe I’ve done a dialogue with PHIL and maybe one with STEPHAN, but I don’t know where those might be hiding.

So I’m actually going to spend a little bit more time today looking at this treasure trove of character information I’ve found. Adam’s Fall has a lot of characters, each playing a part to add complexity and depth to a relatively straightforward story: the story of a man’s fall, transformation and redemption.

Thanks for reading—let me know what you think so far!


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