AF Story Bible Updates for 30 Aug 2014

Hello, folks! It’s been another busy and blessed day for the Adam’s Fall Story Bible (AFSB). Well past noon today, but I’ve been able to devote my time today to looking back at all the work i got done over the past month.

Past commitments

I committed to doing two things on 01 Aug 2014:

  • Put up one page a day on the AFSB Blog.
  • Post at least once a day to the AFSB to let the Adam’s Fall community know what the Creative Team (still only me) has been up to.

How did I do? Well, the last shall be first and the first shall be last!

I did not post every day to let folks know what was going on. i know, bad, bad!

But I DID post 27 new pages (not all of them bursting at the seams, mind you), bring the total number of pages up to 39, and making an average of 1.3 pages a day.

New pages

So, what new pages have I produced: the one’s linked, below (of course, the other pages are still there, but i’m linking the new ones for emphasis). Of course, they’re not all 300 word treatises, but the goal was to set up pages, and i think you’ll find much of interest to peruse and whet your appetite for more.

Here goes:

And that’s all, for now! Quite a lot.

New Goals

So I think I’ll keep the goal of posting one page a day, but I’ll add a goal of posting once a week, perhaps on Saturdays or Sundays to let you know what has been updated, filled out, or just changed, as well as added.

What should be my prize if I make both goals? A Custom Design upgrade for $99.00? i’m not making any money off of this – and i’m not really expecting to, but would access to better blog design tools make this enough of a better reading experience to go for? Maybe later? What do you think?


Anyway, thank you for spending time here at the AFSB. Tell your friends, comment on the pages I have posted. I’ll take [almost] all questions, suggestions and outbursts of emotion into consideration.

And I ask God’s blessings on you and all those you love. Thanks be to God!

Yours in the unspeakable beauty of God’s creation,

Frater Gymnos


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